Pasquale was born in Rome, Italy, where he lived until he was 21.
He then moved to Canada and the United States, where he finished his studies in architecture.
He has been living in Melbourne, Australia, for over 30 years enjoying what he loves most: architecture photography.

Pasquale does what he loves… with passion!
Pasquale's architect background makes him the ideal candidate to take the art of interior photography to the next level; the ultimate in photography design and image creation.
Photo-grapher Pasquale specialises in capturing accommodation, hospitality, performance, sport and leisure spaces. The unique photo-graphs he creates are visual tales that evoke emotional responses, making the observers want to taste for themselves what is presented in Pasquale's palpable images.

Pasquale captures his images using only natural and artificial light existing on site and his interaction with the premises' daily activities is completely non-invasive.
No electrical cables or bulky heads lying all around.
To find out more about how Pasquale can develop your own quality image library that reflects the premium brand of your business, call 0402 433 350 or email
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